Europe's largest online car market.

Europe's largest online car market.

Project overview

As the largest pan-European online car market with over 30 million users per month AutoScout24 was looking for a top developer with broad tech expertise to launch a number of new solutions for their marketplace platform. They wanted to find a Full-Stack Developer ready to quickly catch up and translate their complex checkout flow into a fully-functional service on their platform.


Frontend Development

Backend Development





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Backed by strong expertise, one of our engineers Besnik joined Autoscout24’s in-house team to maximize flexibility and keep up with customer demand.

As a part of the team, Softup Technologies he was entrusted with the following tasks:

  • Implement a new checkout flow which includes all the processes before you purchase a car.
  • Create an admin tool where the dealers can manage the state of the cars and the stock, add and remove new cars favorite lists etc.
  • Add new types of payment for the clients.
  • Create custom filters on the homepage.

Project results

Our web development team member performed the following assignments:

  • Developed a feature-rich checkout flow based on the relevant and highly effective technological stack
  • Delivered a flawless admin tool to increase functionality and simplify management
  • Integrated new and more beneficial user payment methods
  • Designed and implementing the cash-out flow as a means of integrating new rates, insurance, etc.
  • Created a custom filter on the homepage to help each user’s car search journey.

Europe's largest online car market.